Advancing site level management through innovative reptiles’ tracking and behavioural decryption

ReTrack project

ReTrack project aim to establish methods and techniques allowing the compilation of detailed micro-habitat utilization maps on Mediterranean reptiles that will in turn advance site level management efficiency.

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Project Consortium

Terra Cypria

The Cyprus Conservation Foundation

Open University of Cyprus

Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Lab

Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

Funding agency

The project is funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation under the «DIDAKTOR – Post Doctoral Researchers» Programme of the Operational Programme for «Competitiveness and Sustainable Development» of RESTART 2016-2020 Programmes. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund

"DIDAKTOR " Programme

The objective of the “DIDAKTOR” Programme is to integrate young, post-doctoral scientists in the Cypriot Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) System, to carry out high level research projects, aiming to involve the young scientists in novel research activities, to stimulate critical mass of researchers in high-edge scientific areas and to create on going, competitive specialised job posts for young scientists.

The Programme also aims to address the brain drain challenge, which has increased in recent years due to the weak financial situation of the country.